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Cycles: An Illustrated Journal to Track Moon and Menstrual Cycles


A guide to help us follow and understand at the cycles within and around us.

I've always been overwhelmed and unorganized when it came to tracking my period, and the moon cycles. Calendars never worked for me, I'd forget about apps that didn't feel personal enough, and my mental tracking was not the most reliable! I searched for a way to combine the simplicity of a calendar with symbols to track moods and the personal feel of a journal. I couldn't find anything completely satisfying. So I decided to create my own carry-all for myself, but also to benefit all the women of the world!

CYCLES is an illustrated journal dedicated to tracking your menstrual cycle alongside the moon. Its purpose is to help you track physical, mental, spiritual, and external patterns that may affect your well-being. I believe that by being more aware of cycles in our lives, we can be better versions of ourselves.

In our busy lives we tend to forget to pay attention to our bodies and monthly cycles. Our menstrual cycles are such a huge part of our lives that affects our moods, appetites and energy. I believe that by tracking our cycles we can understand and be more aware of the symptoms we personally encounter. We are all different, and when we can better understand our own bodies, we can plan and prepare for our cycles and all it involves! Our cycles are not just something we endure - they are a part of us.

So what exactly is inside this special journal?

In this journal, you will track your period length and flow, your moods and energy levels, your physical mental and spiritual states and your monthly goals. All of this, alongside the moon phases which are shown in the calendars of the journal. They are there so you can analyze how you sync up with the moon, and possibly better understand how it may or may not affect you! In this journal you will also gain extra insight into the phases of the moon and our menstrual cycles, what they represent and what chemicals are involved in our bodies at certain times (I can't believe how much I forgot or how certain parts weren't emphasized during early education!).

I have also included a special original illustration for each month, which corresponds to the time of year and insight of each month. On top of that, each month has extra insight to help you learn and grow with your period; I'm including things that have changed my life and that I’d like to share with everyone, such as herbal remedies, helpful tips, recipes, sustainable alternative methods, and more.

Cycles is a journal that you can carry with you anywhere. My preferred method is to keep it by my bedside as a reminder to pause each night before sleep or each morning as I wake. You can journal whenever you feel inclined to. This pause is a reminder to give time (usually less than 5-10 minutes - we all can do that!) to reflect off-screen on how you are feeling physically, mentally, and spiritually. It is meant to help you take a moment to slow down and write about your cycle and self. Journaling has truly helped me to reconnect to my self, my inner world, and what affects me in the outer world. I believe that this too can help other women who feel disconnected in this busy, technological world. Our cycles are as significant as we are - they gives us life, energy, and power. If we pay closer attention, we can blossom and have more control in knowing when our peaks and dips occur. We are in an important time to uplift women - and we can only do so by uplifting, loving, and growing ourselves first!

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Additional Info

Journal Specs:
- 6" x 9" spiral-bound (wire) journal
- 64 pages
- 12 monthly spreads, 12 month by week spreads
- 100% recycled white paper

Front pages:
- intro page and a space for your name so you can own it
- a bit about Cycles' purpose and its connections
- an overview of the phases of the moon cycle and the menstrual cycle: what each phase entails/represents
- period tips/guidance to reduce symptoms
- how to use the journal/get the most out of it!

Monthly spreads include:
- period, symptoms, mood & moon cycle tracking daily calendar
- a key with symbols to use for your calendar, and space to make your own symbols
- illustrations
- extra insight (ex: recipe, herbal/natural remedies, sustainable methods, etc.)

Weekly spreads include:
- physical, mental, spiritual journal entry space
- monthly goal and intention space
- planning space for next period

Back pages:
- references
- 2020 intentions
- info on me, the creator/artist
- space for notes