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Custom Pet Portrait Illustration

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This listing is for a customized portrait of your lovely, adorable, amazing pet!!! Or the pet of your significant other, friend, family member, co-workers, or anyone else you love enough and want to give a memorable and eternal gift!

I put love into each of these unique individual portraits. They are hand-sketched and digitally colored. Once done, it's yours to treasure forever!

Please read below for details about your options, what I will need from you, and all other specs of this project! Custom artwork is fun and I truly enjoy it, but it requires a bit more communication on both ends to make sure it's perfect for you!


1. Place your order and provide essential details in the customization/notes section: colors, size, etc. Please read below to understand your options better and to make sure that you are selecting the options you want when you order!

2. You will need to send me a good picture of your pet in the pose you'd like them drawn in. Please make sure it's a clear, decently lit so I can clearly see your pet's features and colors! I want to make them look as good as they always do :) Please also include a picture of toy/accessory. And any reference for specific styles of decor you'd like. Email to

3. I will compose and sketch out the portrait within 1-3 days to make sure it looks how you'd like! You have the chance to give me revisions, and I will re-sketch anything you need until it's approved. You are allowed up to 2 rounds of revisions, any more may cost extra. Once you approve the sketch, I will move onto color and finalization!

4. I will then move onto finalization where I add detail and color! You are allowed one set of minor, non-structural revision after this stage. This means color tweaks, spacing, and other minor adjustments that don't involve redrawing the portrait.

5. Once it's all dandy, I will send you the digital file or print! And it will be yours forever :)


Sketch: 1-4 days, plus 1-3 days per revision round.

Final Portrait: 5-12 days, plus 1-5 days if revisions needed..)

Total Time: Digital: 7-28 days.

**If you need this by a certain date, please let me know! Depending on my schedule I will try to accommodate within reason. Rush fees may apply.**


SIZE: The illustration will be 8"x8" unless you request another size. I can do 5"x7" or 8"x10" for the same price, juts please specify if you don't want 8x8 in the customization or notes section of your order!. If a custom size is desired I can accommodate upon request. If the size is equivalent or smaller it should not cost extra, but larger sizes will have to be considered for pricing. Just message me to inquire!

FORMAT: Choose to receive a digital file, print, or framed print. Digital files will be sent as a .pdf/.jpg at 300 dpi (high quality) ready to print at home! If you'd like me to print and ship the illustration and do the work for you, allow an extra 5-10 days after I finish the illustration for printing, preparing, shipping, and arrival. All prints are high quality inkjet prints.

You will receive a portrait of your pet’s head with some decor. If you’d like a full body portrait it will cost extra. You are allowed to specify what kind of motifs you'd like to decorate the image. This will frame your pet's portrait decoratively as seen in the main image for this listing. My preferred/suggested motifs are plants, vines, flowers, stars, dots, barbed wire, fish, bones, clouds. I am open to other suggestions and options! You are allowed to choose anything, but if it is an overly complicated motif that I can't simplify into my style, I may discuss options with you. You are also allowed one of your pet's favorite toys or accessories such as a bow, shirt, etc. This can also be a flower or any singular object.

COLORS: I will draw your pet in its natural colors, unless specified otherwise. You are allowed to choose a background color and accent color for your decor, and one color for the toy/accessory. If more than one color is desired, please ask me for options!

NAME: A name can be added in set type for no additional fee. Please let me know font preferences. If hand-done lettering is desired, please let me know, additional fees of $5-20 will be discussed.


This custom illustration is for personal use only. For commercial or branding use, please message me to inquire. I have the right to cancel the transaction if the illustration is deemed undoable and if there's no prior agreement before the transaction.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all!

Thank you so much~



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pet portrait ad 2.jpg
pet portrait ad 2.jpg