Hi there! I’m Rachael Amber Longo. I’m a plant-loving illustrator and designer based in Philadelphia. I graduated from University of the Arts in 2017 with a BFA in Illustration & Design. My art mainly focuses on a love for nature and concern for environmental and social issues, but branches out to unnatural subjects as well! I enjoy creating work that speaks for bigger issues and raises awareness through an illustrative lens. I also am a designer who focuses on visual identities, and works with a wide range of clients to make their company come to life.

I create an annual lunar & menstrual tracking journal called Cycles Journal, dedicated to self-care and finding patterns within our cycles.

My sun is in Cancer, moon in Capricorn, and rising is Sagittarius. Oh and my Mars is in Virgo, which basically means I know how to get shit done and do it well!

Aside from being a visual artist, I am also a cat-lover, nature explorer, beginner herbalist, poetry and short fiction writer, and vegetarian.

My work has been featured through The New York TimesOn BeingSociety of Illustrators Student Exhibition 2017 & 2018, ArtUnited, Off the Wall Gallery's "RESIST", William H. Ely Thesis Exhibition, Art Unleashed, "Still Divided" Election Day Exhibition, and Underground Pool Issue Seven.

I was also chosen as the Climate Art Challenge Winner by Adobe Project 1324 and interviewed by Finnegan Harries here.

I’ve interned with Printfresh Studio and WeHolden.

Feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or inquiries! I’m always open to chatting about your vision and consulting before jumping into anything. :) I hope to work with you in the near future! Reach me through email here!

View my resume here. 




General Inquiries

I’d love to hear from you and discuss your vision! Feel free to reach out and inquire with me about working together. If you have a project in mind, consider filling out my inquiry form: https://goo.gl/EG3P4P

Fill out this form or email: hello (@) rachaelamber.com

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